[FOCUS] SMART-IS : The smart and responsible irrigation

21 February 2018 SOLEM 2 Comments


Looking for eco-responsibility? SOLEM developed for you the SMART-IS controller, specific for residential spaces and providing important information to reduce water consumption.


SMART-IS is an AC powered WiFi and Bluetooth irrigation controller.

Connected to the local weather forecasts it adapts the programming to weather changes and follow your water consumption by connecting to a flow meter.

The weather connection

Smart and responsible it reduce or increase watering in case of rains or droughts. It can automatically increase watering time according to weather change.

Water savings

Thanks to its flow meter probe’s plug the SMART-IS can give you the used water volume, detect a leak and in this way optimizing the programming.

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  1. I am installing a Smart-IS with mysolem app and it is working fine with Bluetooth, but I am not able to manage it with WIFI to acces it remotely.
    I guess that I do everything as stated in the manual, but it doesn´t work.


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